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Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning the transparency of the NCI.

NCI Logo White Leaf

What was the original purpose of Citizens Inquiry Canada and the National Citizens Inquiry?

What has NCI accomplished?

After the hearings, what further action did the Support Group decide to take?

Why was there a split in the group?

What has followed from the difference of opinion?

Why are there now two organizations claiming the name “National Citizens Inquiry”?

Why do you have a .com website rather than the original .ca website?

What was/is the role of Michelle Leduc Catlin with the NCI?

How much money was donated to Citizens Inquiry Canada?

How will the remaining funds be used by Citizens Inquiry Canada?

Who is the real NCI?

Did you steal the social media accounts?

Did the departing support group members resign/forfeit their membership from Citizens Inquiry Canada after the split?

Why are some former Support Group members attacking Michelle/CIC/NCI efforts to promote the Commissioners' Report and recommendations through the Geneva Project?

Do you support the Regina Hearings which have been scheduled by the new National Citizens Inquiry organization.

Why haven't you been publicly commenting on the NCI dispute?

What is the Geneva Project?

How can I get in touch with Citizens Inquiry Canada for inquiries?

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